MingOut Promise
Because MingOut is born out of the minds of daters themselves, user experience is at the heart of every design
thinking we do which is why we have -

• Passion points (experienced) that form the genesis of the matches.
• Handpicked experiences that trigger the ‘let’s do it’ moment.
• Selfie based profile verification that ensures no fake profiles.
• Smart Chat that keeps knowing each other chill and fun.
• The rule of 10 ensuring no more than 10 matches at any given point in time which means no more gender
• Dating that is fun, relevant, and meaningful.
Do You...
Our Experiences
Get bored going on cafe dates all the time?
Find yourself in small talks and not really know
if there is enough camaraderie between you two?
Fancy exploring what is new and wish you
go to coolest date experiences around?
The Story
It was 12 noon on 21st December 2018. Two millennials were discussing about the dating landscape in India. One of
them had just found the love of his life through one such dating app after 2 years of constant dating struggle. The
other one was meeting new people through these apps on a weekly basis but still wasn’t ‘sure’. A common opinion
after they came from their dates was “she was good but not my kind”. What was this kind? And which kind was
whose kind?

And that is how the idea of creating an
Experience Based Dating(EBD) app was born.
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